Personal Information Protection Policies

INVADE Co., Ltd. handles a large amount of personal information in the operation of the Company; to that end, the Company has established the Policies according to the Code of Ethical Practice of the Company, and has established a Personal Information Management System so that we can exercise our duties as a company.

    • Policy 1. The Company is as specific as possible about the purposes of use of personal information, and shall appropriately handle it within the scope necessary for achieving said purposes. Also, the Company will take measures so that this information is not used for any other purposes.
    • Policy 2. Personal information is collected using a legal and appropriate method.
    • Policy 3. Personal information is not provided to third parties without the permission of the person in question.
    • Policy 4. For the management of personal information, the Company works to take the necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and correct leakage, destruction, and damage, and to achieve other types of safety management.
    • Policy 5. For the handling of personal information, the Company works to allow persons who have provided such information to be able to provide it appropriately, and works to keep such information as accurate and as up to date as possible.
    • Policy 6. The Company complies with the laws and ordinances concerning personal information protection, and has established company regulations concerning personal information protection and will comply with them while making continuous revisions.
    • Policy 7. The Company has established a contact center that handles complaints and inquiries concerning personal information, and works to handle them in an appropriate manner.

INVADE Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Masanao Fuyuhiro

(Supplementary Provisions)

June 1, 2021 Enacted/enforced

About Handling of Personal Information

INVADE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) has published the Privacy Policy to protect the privacy of user companies, partnership companies, organizations, etc. (hereinafter “user companies”) and users (hereinafter “users”) of the service provided based on the Privacy Policy (hereinafter “the Service”), and the Company shall carefully manage and handle the personal information of users (as defined below).

Personal Information

Personal information is information about users that can be used to identify them, such as: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, company name, school name, etc. Also, it includes information that, while it cannot be used to identify individuals, can be easily compared with other information to effectively identify them.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The purposes of use of personal information are as follows. The Company shall not use personal information beyond the purposes of use.

    • A. For personal identification of users and the provision of the Service to users
    • B. For communications, e-mail newsletters, DMs , and transmission/sending of other types of notices in conjunction with use of the Service
    • C. To provide personal information to user companies of the Service according to permission/application of users
    • D. To transmit/display advertisements, content, etc. based on attribute information, device information, location information, behavior history, etc., and to provide the Service
    • E. To improve the Service, develop new services, investigate and analyze the usage of points, and perform marketing
    • F. For campaigns, surveys, monitoring, data collection, etc.
    • G. To transmit URL information to senders of blank e-mails
    • H. To confirm and respond to opinions concerning the service, inquiries, and information posted in online reviews
    • I. To investigate behaviors prohibited in the Terms of Service, etc., such as applications for business engagement/diversion, duplicate applications, transfer of rights, registration of falsified information, and to perform a detailed confirmation of the contents thereof

About Address Information Provided by Users

In this Service, address information may be accepted from persons other than the users in question, in order to receive messages, products, etc. requested by users.
The Service uses address information only for the purposes of sending messages, products, etc. requested by users, and such information is appropriately managed as personal information.
Users have the responsibility of registering, updating, and deleting address information. In principle, update and deletion of such information is not performed at the Service side. Users who wish to update or delete such information should directly contact the user from which such messages, products, etc. are sent.
Also, if you are unaware of the identity of the sender of such messages, etc., please contact the department in charge of personal information management.

Voluntary Provision of Personal Information

You may not be able to use the Service unless you provide all of the items required for the Service.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company, in principle, shall not provide personal information to third parties without the permission of users. After the party to which the information is to be provided and the contents of the information to be provided are specified, the information shall be provided only when the permission of the user has been obtained.

    1. Party to which the information is to be provided, and the purposes
      • Provided to user companies of the Service in order to provide services such as requests for materials, applications, reservations, purchases, etc.
    2. Items of personal information to be provided
      • Pieces of information within the scope necessary for achieving the purposes of use, from information obtained from users (including service use history, and behavior history which includes view history, search history, bookmarks, etc.).
    3. Means and methods of provision
      • Sent or transmitted using written or electromagnetic methods.

However, personal information can be provided without the permission of users within the scope that does not violate the relevant laws and ordinances.

    • A. When it has been determined that a user has caused loss to a third party
    • B. When there are particularly necessary circumstances required for improving public health or promoting the healthy rearing of infants, and where it is difficult to obtain the permission of the user in question
    • C. When it is necessary to cooperate in the execution of duties stipulated in laws and ordinances of a state organ, local public body, or entrusted person, and obtaining the permission of the user in question may hinder the execution of such duties
    • D. When a request for disclose of personal information has been received from a court, public prosecutor’s office, police, or other competent organization
    • E. When the user in question has explicitly requested that the information be disclosed or provided to a third party
    • F. When disclosure or provision of the information is permitted per laws and ordinances
    • G. When the personal information is to be provided in conjunction with business succession due to circumstances such as merger and the information is handled within the scope of the purposes of use prior to said succession

Exception Clauses Concerning Provision to Third Parties

The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever concerning the obtainment of personal information by third parties in any of the following cases.

    • A. When a user has used the functions of the Service or other means to disclose personal information to user companies (Furthermore, for information regarding how a user company handles personal information, please directly contact the user company in question.)
    • B. When information input into the service unexpectedly identifies the user in question
    • C. When personal information is provided or used by users on external websites linked to the Service
    • D. When a person other than the user in question has obtained information that can be used to identify the user in question (ID, password, etc.)

Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing

The Company may outsource, in part or in whole, the duties for handling personal information. Moreover, the Company shall bear all responsibility for the handling of personal information by the outsourcee.

Use of Data That Has Been Statistically Processed

The Company may create statistical data, that has been modified so as to not identify users, based on personal information provided to the Company. The Company shall be able to use, without restriction, statistical data that does not identify users.

Changes, Etc. to Personal Information

In principle, only the user in question shall be able to request the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, or suspension of provision to third parties (hereinafter “change, etc. to personal information”) of personal information notified or registered for “Purposes of Use of Personal Information”. Please contact the department in charge of inquiries about personal information management below for information about the specific methods for making such changes. However changes to personal information will not be provided in the following cases.

    • A. There is a risk of harm to the life, person, assets, or other rights/interests of the user in question or of a third party
    • B. There is a risk of an obvious hindrance to the proper operation of the Service
    • C. There is a violation of other laws or ordinances

Also, in the event that a change, etc. to personal information requires payment of substantial fees or in the event that it is difficult to implement the change, etc. to personal information and substitute measures must be taken to protect the rights/interests of the user, the change, etc. to personal information might not be performed.

Accuracy of Personal Information

The Company works to process data of provided personal information accurately. However, users shall bear all responsibility for keeping the contents of provided information accurate and up to date.

Subtle Limits to Obtaining Personal Information

The Company, in principle, shall not obtain personal information that includes any of the following. However, this does not apply in the event that a user has provided such information.

    • A. Items concerning ideas, beliefs, or religion
    • B. Items such as race, ethnicity, lineage, permanent domicile (excluding information about prefecture, state, region, territory, etc.), physical/mental impairments, criminal history, or other information that could be used as grounds for social discrimination
    • C. Items concerning the rights of workers to organize, collective bargaining, and other organizational behavior
    • D. Items concerning the participation in group demonstrations, exercise of right to petition, and execution of political rights
    • E. Health and sexual activity

Identity Verification

The Company uses information that allows an individual to be identified (such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, member number, and password) in order to perform identity verification when users perform member registration for web services, when members use the Service, and when the Company responds to requests to disclose, correct, delete, or suspend use of personal information. However, in the event that a person other than the person in question has acquired and used information that allows the person to be identified, the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.

Obtainment and Use of Attribute Information, Device Information, Location Information, Behavior History, Etc.

    • With regards to cookies for attribute information, device information, location information, and behavior history, etc. (hereinafter “behavior history, etc.”)
      • The Company uses cookies to protect user privacy, improve convenience, transmit advertisements, and obtain statistical data. Also, the Company may use technologies such as cookies and JavaScript to obtain, from the information provided, attribute information that does not allow users to be identified, such as age, gender, occupation, location (limited to information that does not allow users to be identified even when the information in question is used in combination), device information, user behavior history on the Service (URLs, content, references, etc. accessed) and location information according to user permission/application when using a smartphone or similar device. However, personal information is not included in cookies and behavior history, etc. Also, the Service uses a behavior targeting advertisement service in order to transmit the appropriate advertisements to users. (Opted-out functions may not be able to be used when the Service is accessed from mobile telephones.)
    • About access logs, etc. for behavior history, etc. in the following cases
      • The Company, after a user has logged in to use the service and their identity has been ascertained, may use the behavior history, etc. from before the log-in in question to transmit and display advertisements and content and to provide the Service. To stop receiving such advertisements, please contact the department in charge of personal information management listed below.

Person Responsible for Management of Personal Information

INVADE Co., Ltd.

Corporate Executive Office in Charge of the Service

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*Before contacting us by telephone, please be aware that telephone calls may be recorded so that we can obtain an accurate account of the inquiry.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The Company shall, except where stipulated by laws and ordinances, make changes the privacy policy where necessary.